Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Kayla's Blog + New Photos (from Michelle and Kayla)

Hey Everyone--check out Kayla's great blog entry on Katie. What a nice thing to write, Kayla!

Hannah, Katie, Kayla--Michelle's house (Kenosha, WI)--Easter 2007


Katie, Kayla--Milwaukee Zoo--date unknown :)


Katie, Chase--Michelle's house--May 2003


Kayla, Katie, Hannah, John--Mom and Dad's house (Stuart, FL)--Easter morning, 2006


Kayla said...

the first picture is in KENOSHA, wi.
and the second picture is at the milwaukee zoo.

just incase you were wondering


John W. Evans said...

Thanks for the corrections, Kayla--sorry to have gotten them wrong:)

Kayla said...

i didn't care, i just thought you might want to know when that picture was, and waukegan is in illinois. ;)

Kayla said...

thanks for putting my writing up on your page. i never thought that it was THAT good. i knew that i liked it and that others would, but i didnt think of you putting it up on your page. :) i just sat down and wrote it one day because i was having a hard time.