Saturday, August 25, 2007

New Photos of Katie, circa 7th/8th grade, from an old friend

I just love these photos, Katie looks so wild and happy, and like a bit of a punk. The photos are from Nicole Owen (formerly Shogren), a classmate of Katie's at Emmons School, who sent them to Judy. Thanks, Judy, for sharing these. Here is the text of the note that Nicole sent with the photos:

"I hope these photos cheer you up. I hold on to things for a long time never knowing when they might be needed. I found these old pictures of Katie from Emmons. In one she was giving a speech in Mrs. Hansen's English class dressed up as Amelia Earhart. She is so funny. The others are just her smiles from Kelly O'Donnell's birthday. I hope they make you smile. I knew Katie in grade school and through high school. Love Nicole Owen (Shogren)"



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