Sunday, October 7, 2007

New Photos (from Me)

This is just so great: a jump drive that I have not been able to access for more than a year because it would never register on my computer opened this evening. Nearly 2 GB of data from the last three years--from hurricane insurance photos to thesis documents to IOCC internship stuff--suddenly available, but best of all, our photos from Summer 2006. I have posted the best Katie photos from that time below.


Drinking Fresh-Squeeze Orange Juice: Istanbul, July 2006


Galata Bridge, Istanbul, July 2006


Out on the Town with Archil: Bucharest, July 2006


Eating Baklava: Budapest, July 2006

Toasting Maryanna and Lore, Our Summer Hosts: August, 2006

With Lore's Friend's Dog: Bucharest, May 2006


Self-Portrait for Anniversary Card She Made Online Via Kinko's, That I Picked Up In North Miami: Bucharest, May 2006


Together in Sinaia, Romania: June 2006

My Birthday 2006: Istanbul


Michelle said...

Wow! What a gift! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Love, Michelle

Linda said...

I love these quirky happenings in life. Isn't it great that they appeared?
Love, Mom

Kayla said...

hey john,
thanks for all the photos.
i used the second to last one on this post for my project as well.