Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Katie Songs Project

I've taken all 46 of the songs from The Katie Songs archive (previously posted individually above and listed along the right) and put them into a single Last.Fm widget, which I've added to this blog. You can access individual songs or the full playlist by scrolling through the widget, or by clicking on it and following the link to a Last.Fm page.

As with the list we came up with on Katie's birthday, I thought this might be a good occasion for folks to exchange particular memories and associations, while also expanding the playlist. So, if you see a song that you think should be on the playist, post it as a comment here, and I'll add it. And, if you feel comfortable, share a good memory (or two or three) linked with the song. Might be some good cross-associations: same song, different memories, etc.

A big shout-0ut to Cathy Ganz, who emailed to suggest I add Alison Krauss's cover of "Baby, Now That I've Found You,"and thus got this ball rolling. Cathy and Katie would apparently play dueling repeats when they lived together, Katie cueing up Alison Krauss against Cathy's preference for Big Head Todd and the Monsters. Funny, as I associate the song as the soundtrack to some epic chess showdowns in Katie's apartment on Deming St., in Chicago, right after Peace Corps. Oh, wild youth!


Anonymous said...

Dayna - you have to have some Muppets-type song to add from college...


Kelly Luce said...

how about "i guess that's why they call it the blues"?

Anonymous said...

Well, there'd be "The Rainbow Connection" of course... always a favorite. And, "Manha Mahna."
Oh yes, and not Muppet related, but a favorite group of hers was Tonic Sol-Fa (I still have the autographed cassette tape!).


Anonymous said...

Hi John,
A favorite memory is watching Katie reading the words to John Denver's songs in Aspen. The boulders in the memory garden were inspiring....the words more so when read as poetry. So add those John Denver songs.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Muppets, don't forget "Movin' right along", and the worm song (I can't think of the title right off the bat). I remember driving in the Focus with Kayla, Katie, and I singing along to the Muppet CD Kayla got from the Easter Bunny! And how 'bout "Digging up Bones" by Randy Travis. She loved the way his deep voice reverberated through your whole body. We had a great time at that concert!
Love, Michelle