Saturday, September 17, 2011

Quitting For Katie (Kyle's Project)

Katie's stepbrother (and KMF Director) Kyle Naff has undertaken a pretty impressive and unusual project, to improve his personal health and also raise money for KMF. It's called Quitting For Katie.

In short, Kyle will be using a blog to gather sponsors and take donations in his quest to quit smoking. All of the money he raises will go directly to support KMF's programs. At Quitting For Katie you can follow his progress and cheer him on. It's easy to support Kyle in his quest. Here's the link:

Please spread the word far and wide. In these tough economic times, fundraising is challenging for nonprofits. Even with our awesome donor base, KMF is no exception.

Thanks to Kyle for all of his great work. And of course, Kyle, GOOD LUCK with Quitting For Katie!



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Habib said...

Nice writing on Quitting For Katie (Kyle's Project).