Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Katie Evans Memorial Scholarship (Will Happen)

Much like the current presidential campaigns (haha), we have streamlined and reorganized the effort behind Katie’s scholarship at FIU, and come up with a good solution for funding, administering, and distributing the scholarship in time for the upcoming March 7th event.

The Katie Evans Memorial Scholarship will award a plaque and a one-time stipend of $1,500 for the purpose of supplementing the personal and professional expenses of a Robert Stempel School of Public Health at FIU graduate student whose personal character, experiences, and commitment to work in the international field of public health invoke Katie’s spirit, life, and work.

Application materials are available for download in the above box (note: I used Sribd to embed the application materials on the blog--click on the print tool on the top right corner of the box above to print the application materials).

Applications will be accepted presently through February 22, 2008. Among five finalists, the scholarship recipient will be selected and recognized at the March 7th event. For this first year, the scholarship is being privately funded and administered.

Many of you have asked about donating money for the scholarship, or have attempted to donate previously for the scholarship. If you are interested to make a donation, please consider doing so once we have made a decision about how best to fund and administer the scholarship for the future. Long-term planning for the scholarship will begin after March 7th, and I will post details on this blog about how best to be involved as we make that decision.


Marcus said...

Thanks for this update John. Great news that the scholarship will be awarded this year and in the future.

Baby Tee said...

these are gold.