Monday, January 21, 2008

New Poem

Triptych: Seven Months

1. Therapy

I don't know how I feel
close to you I mean
I talk about it

all the time I say
silence ashes meadow
I say what now

what's the point
what should I know for sure
seven years or thirty

years alone
how to live alone
what the hell is enough

the doc says time
and I say time
to find a new doc

I make a little joke
time's up next week maybe
we can talk about it a little more

2. Here Comes A Regular

Leaflet guy, whatever your intentions,
don’t you fear these squat trucks fashioned from tanks?
Don’t you know they hate your army boots?
The woman with the heavy coat crossing behind you,
to avoid the mid-day sun
folds her newspaper into a cap.
She knows who is arriving late to the bars this afternoon,
which blossoms will upend the cracked pavement.
First the glass, then the leaves that pass, then comes the snow.
So particular, these mysteries of waiting for spring,
like an airplane, to begin again its departures.

3. Seven Months

Silent branches,
no moonlight this winter.

Playing board games,
brewing coffee—
outside, too much winter.

Black tree, green apple—
new tattoo,
same old winter.

Autumn, then winter—
empty branches overhanging
empty train tracks.

Chrysalis of wildflowers
in the winter soil—

(note: source of title for #2)


Kayla said...

My favorite is the last one.
Love you!


sherry said...

hey! i luv ur poems 1 they r pretty ! its so good to see poems1 im sure ur gonna' make more of these luvly poems!
take care

sherry said...